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Let's create your customized solution to model your business processes and connect your data. It's no longer about you adapting to market standards; it's MindsApp adapting to you.

Technically, MindsApp is a Graph & LowCode environment designed to facilitate governance and increase efficiency, readability, traceability, and scalability.

For the IT service: Gain agility! Respond more quickly to your client's needs while controlling a customized application. For the users: Enjoy the comfort of an ergonomic, intuitive, and collaborative application that effectively meets their needs.

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Access all the information related to the youth. A profile sheet includes:

  • Their journey within the ASE (Social Welfare Services)
  • Their family history
  • Their educational and medical background
  • Digitized documents
  • Their interests
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Each user persona of the application has a dedicated dashboard, providing a concise overview of key information:

Real-time display of availability and received documents. Intuitive graphs for quick insights.

Direct access to youth management, tasks, documents, etc.

The calendar accompanies you throughout the process of managing events.

Notifications and Chat features enable real-time communication and interaction with colleagues.

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Configure the organizational structure of the establishment.

From units and sub-units to rooms. Manage the team, events, and specificities of the establishment.

  • Define types of accommodations and capacity
  • Real-time calculation of establishment availability
  • Administrative management (accounting, expenses, document exchange)
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